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TDDUS Goggle Goat

  • TDDUS Goggle Goat

This is a handcrafted, heavy-duty vinyl sticker that measures approx. 9” x 5.5”. It has a very “premium” feel to it, just like my other stickers!

Goggle Goat consists of 2 separate layers, and 4 different colors of vinyl of which you can physically feel, and see. It is not smooth like a traditional printed sticker.

I painstakingly pieced this together. A lot of time, effort, and swearing went into this one!

1 - There are tiny individual bits, especially on the goggles. I wouldn’t recommend smoothing this down with a credit card or squeegee of sorts.

2 - Again, this is thick vinyl, so your milage may vary depending on where you decide to place it.